How to benefit from your force curve ?

Here are some tips which will help you to know how to analyse your force curve and other data provided by SweetZpot Rowing App. 

The stars give an indication about the level :      ★ beginner  |  ★★ intermediate  |  ★★★  advanced

1 - Smoothness ★


While rowing you should use your legs first, then your back and finish with your arms. All this with good timing.

Work on your coordination to get a one piece stroke.

2 - Consistency ★★


Gain two inches at every stroke and you will win the race.

Focus on repeating your most efficient stroke, find your personnal force curve.

3 - Rhythm ★★


The pace drives the stroke rate. Build up your stroke rate along with your pace. Don't be exhausted with a high stroke rate and an inefficient stroke.

Find your effective stroke rate according to your pace. The table shows you consistent stroke rates and paces. (But don't worry, it is world class rower performances)

4 - Efficiency ★★★


To row faster you need to row efficient. That's to say you shouldn't waste energy to move water but you should only displace the boat.

Improve your efficiency by visualizing your applied power.

5 - Performance ★★★


Don't row, fly. As soon as you are efficient, you should transmit as much force as you can through the oar. You should suspend your body weight behind your oar's blade.

Try to increase the area above 70% of maximum force.

6 - Similar Force Curves ★★


Rowers in a crew are one, their force curves too.

Superpose the force curves and check if your crew is coherent.

7 - Go in a straight line ★★★


Rowers in coxed and cox-less pairs must have different force curves to prevent yawing.

Make sure your force curves complement each other.