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Frequently Asked Questions

Does OarZpot provide power ?

Yes it does! We compute the power based on your speed and force curve. But don’t forget to calibrate OarZpot!

Is it possible to export data ?

It will be possible soon! We are working on the best file format as you can export and read your session data easily. We will provide you an online plugin to read and analyse your file in no time. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay tuned!

What about stroke rate accuracy ?

Stroke rate is very accurate if you use FixZpot (our bracket to hold your phone on the boat).  We use data from accelerometer and force curve (if you use OarZpot) to provide you an exact measure. However if you don’t use OarZpot only acceleration is used to compute stroke rate, then it can present latency up to 5 strokes.

Can I use the app with a bright sun ?

Absolutely. We have designed SweetZpot Rowing App with two different modes (day & night) and big clear figures. You will be able to see your screen no matter what the weather conditions are: tested & approved!

How to compare two athletes ?

It will be possible soon! You will be able to export your session data and then upload it through our online plugin to compare the force curves accurately. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay tuned!

Can I check start and finish angles ?

In a first time we only provide the opening angle.

However we are working hard on OarZpot Pro which will display an accurate angle measure. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay tuned!

What about worldwide delivery ?

We do deliver worldwide and the delivery is free no matters the destination. Please note that all our prices are before tax and additional charges. For example customs duties can apply according to your country.

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