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SweetZpot introduces the OarZpot, an oar sensor that gives rowers realtime feedback of force applied from the start to the finish of a rowing stroke, as well as your power. The force curve and the power is given from our small and light sensor that you easily clip on to the mounting for the oar.

The sensor communicates towards your smartphone with our Sweetzpot Rowing app. Use the smart phone with our DryZpot water proof case and FixZpot mounting system as a display-system in the boat.

The sensor can also be attached to a chestbelt (accessory) to get measurements of heart rate and ventilation (breathing).

OarZpot features:

  • Force Curve
  • Power
  • Easy calibration
  • Easy installation
  • User friendly app
  • Water proof

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2 thoughts on “OarZpot

  1. Hi Do you have a downloadable demo app for the oarzpot? Also will it work over a distance of 12m? want to use it on a stationary trainer

    1. Hi Gavin,

      The app is Sweetzpot Rowing. Its free to download on the app store and play store.
      It should work from a range of 30 m. However, the Oarzpot is primarily for the rowing oar.
      If you want to measure your breathing then it would be the FLOW sensor.

      Warm regards,


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