Post-analysis tool 

The post-analysis tool enables you to read your session on your computer, then you can take better advantage of your session. This is a beta version which means we are going to add features according to your needs (please email us at Here are some tips as you can easily use this post-analysis tool

1 - Import file(s)


From your smartphone you can export your session from the sessions tab. Choose the session you want to analyse and then press the "share icon" and "SZ Rowing File". Your TCX file is created, the easier is to export it by Mail or Google Drive. Access to your computer and drop or select the file(s) into the box (see opposite picture).

2 - Overview



One curve analysis : 

You access to the sum up of the session with average numbers. The plot enables you to compare stroke rate, pace and force curve. Easily locate thanks to the marker of the map. Below, read instant values marked by the vertical line. 







Several curves comparison : 

Force curves are superposed according to the time. Then you can compare force curves from rowers who were in the same boat.

3 - Interact


Drag and drop the grey time cursor to scroll through the session.

The plot automatically zoom in to focus on two strokes when it is possible. Nevertheless you can zoom according to your needs using:

  • The zoom tool: select it and then drag and drop on the area you want to zoom in.
  • The autoscale tool: click on it and it will zoom out on the whole session.
  • Double-click in the plot to come back to the first view.


4 - Try it!

Click here to analyse your sessions. If you need more help or if you want to report any issue or suggestion, please email us at